Strategies to finding an Adelaide SEO expert

If you are a business owner in Adelaide, I am sure you are bombarded with emails, phone calls or Linked In messages on a daily basis from SEO companies endeavoring to  sell you on their SEO services? Does this sound familiar? Unfortunately, the majority of these companies cannot even rank their own website within for their own niche. This leads us to the first important factor when looking for an SEO expert in Adelaide. If you are unfamiliar with SEO, watch the video for an explanation for search engine marketing.

Where does the agency rank for Adelaide SEO?

This is crucial. If you are about to invest thousands of dollars into a search engine specialist, to rank you number one in Adelaide, then they should at least be able to rank their own agency site to page one for keyword: “Adelaide SEO”. Usually, if an SEO company can rank to page one in a competitive and populous city, they are competent enough to perform local SEO on your site. Unless the particular company has been referred by an associate, this would be the first factor I would consider before moving forward in the process. Logically, if they can’t do effective SEO on their site, then how can you trust them to dominate your market in your location? It may be of your best interest to look into other SEO companies in Adelaide if they fail this “test” or investigate their portfolio.


This where we dig deep and find out who their past clients were and ultimately what results did they produce. If the SEO company does not have the credibility of being able to optimize their own site, then their portfolio is the next best thing. Without being too intrusive, you could examine their testimonials page to see what past have worked with their company. If the business is known, try doing a simple search to see where they rank for relative keywords to their service in Adelaide.  No business owner wants to be burnt by an Internet Marketing company, so I would even suggest giving the business a call and discovering how their experience was with the SEO firm. I would suggest calling multiple businesses to formulate a correct opinion.


In some cases, this can be the most powerful method for finding an SEO expert in Adelaide. If you have friends that are in business, ask them if they have ever utilized SEO as a marketing strategy. In the digital age, most businesses leverage the power of SEO.  If your direct friends or associates don’t have any recommendations, get them to find out who the local SEO guru is in Adelaide. In this day and age, for a business to survive in Adelaide, it’s crucial they harness the power of the internet and particularly, search engine optimizations.